“His desire to succeed was matched by his willingness to do whatever it took to produce a quality, educational and unforgettable performance”, “He has left an impression on me that I will cherish for a lifetime” 

- Johnny Kimbrough


“the way Warren interacts with Children was exceptional”, “ He brought an enthusiasm and dedication to our Performing Arts Program that we never saw before”

- David Elichman and David Stern

(Owners of Camp Summit)

“He works equally well with adults as with children, which in my experience is rare indeed”, “To witness what he was able to pull out of those young people was nothing short of magical”

- Jaquie Bird

(Choreographer and Master Teacher)

“ We were blessed to have someone like Warren at the helm”, “ Not only is Warren easy to work with; his infectious joy for his work is inspiring, particularly  for young people gaining their first experience in the performing arts”

- David Dallas

(Executive Director of Bologna Performing Arts Center)

“He is definitely a Leader with a drive to have things done well”, “I am sure that any performing arts company or theater would benefit from the skills, dedication and delightful personality Warren can bring to there Program”

- Shanda Batchelor

(Parent and Owner of Winter Springs Performing Arts)

“He was always very positive, even if he needed to deliver a critique to a student”, “One of the things that impressed me the most was his ability to quiet the room down when he needed their attention without ever raising his voice”

- Sherry Anderson

(Executive Director of Performing Arts Center of Metro West)

“ I saw an exceptionally talented and joyous man, who lit up a room with his humor, thoughtfulness and compassion for others”, “To this day, I can say that, because of Warren, my experience working with him as his Musical Director was and will be, one of the most memorable and enjoyable”

- Angela Jameison

(Musical Director)

“Although Warren’s experience is mainly in Musical Theater his direction of this Pulitzer Prize Winning Drama was amazing”, “Many Patrons said the performance was “powerful”, “a big step up”, while others said the play was the best they had seen in our community in any venue in Wyoming”

- Sharon Berry

(Board Member of Stage iii Theater)

“Warren makes everyone feel like we are all partners in the process and he is open to suggestions and always seeking the best possible way to accomplish things”, “Warren has extremely high standards for the actors, designers and overall production and he is able to achieve what he wants in a working environment that is cooperative, respectful and pleasant”

- Pat Henderson

(Lighting Designer for Sheboygan Theater Company)

“He understands how to effectively coach while teaching him the best technique to land the role”, ‘Warrens knowledge of theater, film, tv and commercial industry is a huge advantage for us”, “As a dedicated coach/mentor and all -around great person, I know that he would have a great impact as a private acting coach”

- Kathy Fazio

(Parent of Acting Student)

“He is extremely talented as a director and choreographer; however it is his work ethic that take his shows from good to amazing”, “My one piece of advice is to bring lots of Kleenex to opening night, because there has never been an opening night that didn’t have me crying, in awe, and cheering in amazement for how great a show our children can produce with Warren leading”

- Amber Rausch

(Parent of Acting Student)

“Working with Warren was one of the greatest experiences ever”, “Everyone in his shows and workshops feels their importance and it really is thanks to Warren”, “It’s rare to find a Director like Warren”

- Connor Fallon


“Warren’s Choreography is beautiful, entertaining and challenging. A classic soft shoe routine is turned into an innovative production number, filed with exquisite creativity and splendor”, “He challenges each actor to do their best, and refuse to let them do anything less”, “It is undeniable that Warren is a great man with amazing vision and artistic ability”

- Hanna Rausch


“In those days I had absolutely no confidence in myself, and always figured that I wasn’t good at anything. That all changed when Warren came into my life. He is the inspiration that keeps me going everyday to follow a path similar to his”, “Warren Friedman is a man who has the experience, the determination, the confidence, the talent and the creative mind that is needed for this business of theatre”

- Richard Manthey


"He starts with a vision, that is modeled after the professional Broadway productions of the highest quality.  He is able to shape his work to bring out the best in everyone", "Professionally and personally, I give Warren Scott Friedman my highest recommendation. I look forward to working with him again"

- John Middleton-Cox

(Performing Arts Director)

"Whenever I have any auditions coming up, I Skype with him, and go over the sides and or a monologue. He takes time with me, giving me very specific notes so he can to fine-tune my performance."

- Mikey Fazio


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